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Leading Through Living Community LLC presents its 3rd annual Vision Launch Party!
Join us Friday January 15, 2016 7p to 10p at Faces by Liz located at 750 Hammond Drive Bldg 16 Suite 300 Atlanta GA 30328.
Let's create the plan to become Certified 3PA's: realize our Purpose, be excited and focused in our Passion, and responsibly use our Power to take BOLD and Positive Action!
Cost: $25. No ticket sales at the door. Limited to 12 people.
Includes refreshments, pens, and poster board.
Please bring markers, magazines, and any other materials to personalize your vision!


  • @lynitamb Lynita M Blackwell
    Attorney, CPA, CCLC, #LeadershipChampion, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, @boldfavor Mag EIC, Political Junkie, Brownie Lover https://t.co/pLQyG6sfQP


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