Air Freshener

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There are many kinds and types of air fresheners. Both in terms of shape, method of use, aroma, and level of durability. You can choose and determine the type and aroma that you like according to your choice. But before that, there are a few things you should know about what air freshener is and what are its types.

Air freshener is a tool that can give a fragrant and refreshing aroma to the room. The shape of this tool can vary. There are in the form of spray, gel, oil, and also in solid form resembling a wax. The way the air freshener works also varies according to its shape.

Because each form of air freshener uses different tools in its use. Air freshener in the form of a spray, the tool used is not the same as a room freshener in the form of a candle. Usually these air fresheners are sold in a package with the tools, so you have no trouble using them.

Spray air freshener. Air fresheners that we commonly encounter are air fresheners in the form of spray. We have often encountered this tool and can be said to be the most widely used type of fragrance. How to use this type of spray air freshener is very easy. You just spray to the top of your room by pressing on the tip of the spray mouth, and the liquid will come out by spreading.


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