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Well-designed vocational education may be a competitive advantage strengthening the economic and industrial potential of a country. A weak and neglected vocational training system may lead to serious socio-economic problems resulting from a high unemployment rate, in particular high youth unemployment, at the same time causing unavailability of skilled labour demanded by employers, especially SME which create not only a significant number of jobs, but are also able to adapt easier to the labour market conditions. The high quality of vocational education in certain European countries has resulted in robust economic development of companies and the industry, and has reduced the risk of serious socio-economic disturbances. The high level of youth unemployment in several EU Member States has been an impulse to study and analyse the educational systems of those countries which enjoy low levels of youth unemployment and which have managed to establish high-quality vocational education. The Employment Package adopted by the European Commission in December 2012 included a call to establish a forum of cooperation between employers, trade unions, Member States and the EU institutions, to support vocational training across the EU. The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is just one of several concrete initiatives aimed at stimulating the development of vocational education across Europe.


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