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Brewing to Perfection.

Carl Quintiliani goo.gl/zPZnKq Like no other, by notable comparison, and having the opportunity to establish a team; I did. Carl Quintiliani, is so often refereed to as a walking legend of St. Pete. for evolving to be the worlds "Fantasy 3d Street Art Master" I believe we are seeing history, being made out of Pinellas county, Florida. In my opinion, we can only compare the spirit of an artist thats been seen in history, over and over and time again, and it is quite clear with Carl Quintiliani's public tenacity, being far out and past the typical limits of most, or as he quotes to "Knock Em Dead." and with the Quintiliani Fashion, "He Knocks Them Dead" twitter.com/flyingsaucers2 Twitter www.pinterest.com/gabrieltoney/3d-street-art-artist-documentary-st-petersburg-flo/ Pinterest www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/gtoney4/likes Stumbleupon niume.com/pages/profile/ Niume Publications goo.gl/nB2sNM College & University Critiques www.facebook.com/Internationalsocialladies/ International Lesbian Ladies Page www.facebook.com/groups/486733051533474/ International Lesbian Ladies Group flyingsaucersyt.livejournal.com/ Live Journal disqus.com/by/flyingsaucersarts/ Disqus visual-art-documentaries.kinja.com/3d-fantasy-street-art-master-1769326468 Kinja medium.com/@flyingsaucers2 Medium digg.com/u/FlyingSaucers Digg LINKS

"Supporting Nomadartbus.org, Supports Art for all People"
Our students are deprived of arts education. In Elementary School all students receive 40 minutes of Visual Art (Vis). Students who participate in art for 3 hours on 3 days a week are 4 times likely to be recognized for academic achievement, an award for essay or poem, and to participate in a math or science fair, and 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance (Nat). We can make a difference by supporting our community art bus project the Nomadartbus.org
A solid education in the arts helps children learn how to debate, exchange ideas, and discover new ways of seeing, thinking, and perceiving the world around them (Edu). Nomadartbus.org is an organization that is striving to make this difference, by community support, nomad or Nomadartbus.org can be found on social media. Nomad is unique and a very impressionable mobile art bus studio, that delivers the need for arts education to where it's not readily available to our desired standard. This supports our students growth and abilities to learn. The nomad art bus is able to be painted by tempera paint that is washable. The bus caries supplies from paints and other media, to utensils, tables, chairs, and lots of other good stuff too.
Many people get very excited to see this bus because they see escape from our daily realities, and are often very eager to learn and explore. I've witnessed much excitement from all ages. I personally have experienced Nomad and volunteered many times, and I can say from the smiles its very clear. People enjoy the nomad experience, and its available for everyone to explore. Nomad invites all to come and visit the project and I hope some of us today decide too. This is our project, a community project. So, Nomadartbus.org can be found on Facebook where the founder Carrie Boucher artist and teacher post regularly for us all to be able to participate and create this project to help our own community, by encouraging our growth. www.facebook.com/NOMADartbus/
Our community art bus Nomad, visits schools, foster groups, local parks, and many art and music festival events. Nomad is home to Faith House FL faithhouseflorida.com/ . where it helps adults giving them breaks from there realities too. While transitioning from different situations, and this I've experienced too, when just moving to St. Petersburg some time back, this nomad experience has made and impact on myself and many other adults. I could see the value in the project, and the need, to ensure the growth for others to be able to benefit as well. This project is a community project, the Nomadartbus.org is something we all need. It's important for everyone, so links have been provided to share, so others have the opportunity to participate too. Nomad art bus, its great, so be sure to check it out very soon, there are many opportunities to show support and please do.

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