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The WayWesX17 (WWX17) Homeless Project was established in 2015 and is in the process of obtaining nonprofit 501 �© 3 status. WWX17 has a passion for the homeless community. Moreover, we believe that homelessness is not prejudiced, that it crosses socio-economic, religious, educational, mental capacity, gender, veteran status, sexual preference, and racial barriers. In fact, this destitution occurs in urban, rural, and suburban communities.

The origins of the organization are embedded in the founder being determined to overcome the grief of her sons Waymond II and Wesley Pearce in a positive way. Waymond II passed away May 2012 from sudden cardiac arrest; he was 23 years old. Wesley Pearce passed away October 1990 from Potters Syndrome; he was 23 minutes old. In the midst of sorrow, the founder recognized that although they were with us for only a short time; they made a profound impact in our lives.

WWX17 understands that the message of every life making a difference must be communicated to one of our most vulnerable populations, the homeless. Therefore, the mission of The WayWesX17 Project is �Using our collective voices to help restore hope, provide refuge, and create a legacy of global social change for all who are journeying through the grief of homelessness.


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