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So, here's the opening of the first episode of something I don't have a name for yet. It's mysterious partly because I want it to be, but partly (and a lot more) because there are so many things I don't even know yet.

If you're intrigued, though, I've made commenting available on the Google doc. Let me know ideas, constructive criticism, whatever. Fuck an ego.

And I'm looking for a title. Not just for this one thing (though I'd be happy if it was only ever this one thing), but if this mysterious dark-suited character gets the chance to journey onward. Obvious cred. for the person who comes up with something cool.

Which also brings up collaboration: this is the sort of thing a person just can't do on there own, and I don't want to. So, if you think this is neat, maybe you could help write more. This all may be mysterious now, but at least you already know the rules. If there's good feedback, more to come


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