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Local governance, decentralisation and democratisation are at the centre of international debates in the current context of political, economic and social transition.

Citizen action in the Mediterranean has triggered fundamental changes in the political and social landscape. The questioning of the systems of governance in this region will most likely have a lasting influence and further inspire citizen action in other regions of the world. With view to analysing new governance and the dynamics of change that are being implemented throughout the world, particular attention will be given to local and regional governance in the Mediterranean and the lessons that can be learned internationally from this region about local democracy and decentralization.

This thematic round-table will aim to identify new social movements and forms of social mobilization (notably through social networks) that have emerged in cities all over the world, with particular impact in the Mediterranean since 2011. The thematic round-table will throw light on new models of local governance and the role of civil society since the Arab Spring.

What are the expectations of citizen organisations, often mobilised, towards local authorities? How are social movements giving birth to new forms of governance, and how are local governments adapting?


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