Natural Health News: Tap water just became clear with Morcler!

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Does your water have a weird taste, bad smell, or harmful contaminants? Finally a water purification system designed to protect you and your family from harmful toxic contaminants in your tap water such as pharmaceutical drugs, chromium, lead, arsenic, aluminum and other heavy metals. This new revolutionary water filtration system is NSF-401 Certified filtration system which is the highest and most demanding certified standard for water purification and is now available for your kitchen counter top! This six step system eliminating 99% of most all contaminants.

An interesting, new feature of moringa seeds was recently discovered. These seeds were known to purify water (by removing impurities and bacterial load), but new data shows that the moringa seeds can also be used for separation of different materials in mining or chemical industries and these branches affect all other economic and industrial activities, as well as pollution of the environment. By using moringa, the need for costly or toxic chemicals could be reduced. This is indeed an exciting and unexpected property of the miracle tree seeds, that are already considered for the production of biodiesel.

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