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#JGF Organization is going to develop something great on Friday's as a pilot program called #RSDCRPSChat on twitter ... I would like to have the first pilot to see if it works on friday Oct 24th, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST, where we will chat about anything and everything RSD CRPS ...

I'll be putting out an event for this shortly. You will be asked to use the hashtag #RSDCRPSChat and hashtag #JGF to promote the pilot event on twitter, FB and all other social media... Lets see how many RSDers we can get involved with this chat... Great for Awareness and information ...

If this works we will work on other pilot chats for other chronic pain conditions during this Chronic Pain Awareness Month of September... Please start using those hashtags and retweet those who are using it.. JGF Organization owns this hashtag please ask before using...

Use the hashtags to chat about your pain, ask a question, get an answer on a treatment or just to unity a broken community... This will be a great time to gain awareness and togetherness in our community... Join us starting now... just start using the hashtags and lets get started... Please drop a note in the wall of the event so I can get an accurate number of people involved


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