K9 "Coach" LLC, Canine Transportation (Coach) and Training (Coach) and Owner Orientations (Coach)

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Concierge Canine Transports "Coach" and Training "Coach" (pet and owner) across the US

Based in Northern Virginia with a location in the Atlanta Georgia area; K9 "Coach" LLC is a specialized Canine Transporter. With 25+ years experience as handler/trainer and familiar with an ever growing list of breeds we provide comfort and specialized handling and transportation. Each animal is respected for the dog evolution has bred it to be. We provide a relaxed, interactive and playful travel experience. Whether your animal is a ball-chaser, swimmer, lap-dog or area rug -- (s)he will be provided the stimulation and activities (s)he needs and desires; and will most surely need a nap upon arrival! All animals travel in secure travel crates and are never left unattended nor are they hoteled (for their health and safety) during their travel experience. From the newest and smallest of puppies to the oldest and largest dogs/sweet or grumpy they will be well-protected and cared for.

For your next family vacation, move, new family member, breeding stock, trials, shows or rescues; contact K9 "Coach!" Your animal will be glad you did.


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