Mr. Frost is sick!

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Mr. Frost is sick.
Last night he was rushed to the veterianary hospital because he was breathing heavy. It turns out that Mr. Frost has a heart disease, something 1 out of 10 cats will get and they often live long lives without it popping up. Unfortunately for Mr. Frost it hit him hard at 3 years old, and because of the severity of his disease he will be requiring an operation and has to take medication for the remainder of his life.
Mr. Frost is with the veterianarian hospital at this time and needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Sadly with this illness comes a HEFTY medical bill that Mr. Frost's mommy cannot tackle by herself, she has no financial Support from anywhere at all and she needs all the help she can get to pay for Mr. Frost's vet bills.

I am asking friends and families if they feel inclined to help me bring Mr. Frost back on his feet.
The funds would be put towards surgery cost, a 2-3 day veterinary stay at the Cat and Dog Clink, along with any and all medication that is needed for after surgery care.

If everyone reading this would donated a dollar it would be enough to help Mr. Frost.
Any donation will help and is greatly appreciated! Sharing also helps!

Thanks in advance for all the support.
One Love, One, For All People and Animals!!


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