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Chonilla is a portmanteau of Chocolate & Vanilla!

#ChonillaLIVE is hosted by Interracial Couple Sherley @Sherasaurus & Clove @Clovasaurus aka CHO & NILLA.

We use the podcast medium as our personal comedy journal. Our long term goal is to keep seeing the funny, while we grow the show into a network of like minded contents that our listeners can enjoy, and participate in the fun.


  • @Chonilla Chonilla Podcast
    A #Comedy Journal with @Sherasaurus & @Clovasaurus on #iTunes #iHeartRadio | LIVE Sundays 11 AM @Spreecast | @CKVLFM Thu.10 PM | Write @Mobtreal in #Montreal.
  • @Sherasaurus Sherley â 'CHO'
    Divom (diva+mom), Co-Founder & Podcaster @Chonilla, #SocialMedia Addict, Digital Gal @VisitMTL, Blogger @Mobtreal, Side-Eye Expert & PR Rebel | IG @Sheraasaurus
  • @Clovasaurus Tankatron
    I talk a lot of shit... don't follow if you don't follow. ya dig?! @Chonilla


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