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We offer solutions for unique solar powered water pumping systems designed to suit the individuals needs, whether it be submersible or dam float pumping systems.
Our excellence in after sale service is widely recognised by our customers, which assists in maintaining consistent repeat business.
Bontech also pride themselves in the design and supply of a range of Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) systems and components tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers and have been working on and improving our systems through our research and development division.
From small systems incorporating portable generators, ideal for outstations and mustering points, to larger sea container housed systems, to provide power for the family home. These systems come in kit form, do not require tradesman installation and are relocatable.
Developments for monitored solar telemetry systems (Agmon range of Products ) have also progressed from our research and development division, with great success, winning Bontech the North Queensland Newspapers New Inventors Award in 2000, and again in 2004 Rural Inventor of the Year Award at the North Queensland Field Days.
Spilla, allowing the pumping of water from creeks and using inertia is now under the receipt of a Commercialisation Grant to enable us to bring yet another NQ Innovation to market!! Australian Patent No. 2010246912


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    Bontech supply and install solar water pumps and power systems and specialize in innovation and problem solving for the agriculture, aquaculture industry.


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