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"When we spoke for the first time his passion for excellence and demand for the finest quality impressed me. I have had the fortune of drinking the finest coffees from around the world, and yes, I have had the very best that Seattle
has to offer, but nothing, absolutely nothing prepared me for my meeting with Bryan-David Scott. He brought fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee made for French press and after a few brisk sips I exclaimed, 'Wow, this is awesome coffee!' My eyes widened. I had discovered new treasure. In over
25-years as an executive chef, I have never had coffee so great. I gladly shared the coffees with other top Seattle chefs I know, and every one of them said it is the very best they had ever had. I have since tried all of Bryan-David Scott's
signature coffees. Each coffee had its own characteristics which I appreciated; this inspired me to use them in my cooking and confectionery making."

Justin Bentley Reed, Top Chef


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