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I will read the first 131 pages of Your FICTION Manuscript, be it finished or not, and give a review of the story so far. And If you wish and I certainly hope you do, there will also be a Q and A Interview, I enjoy doing them, and it is most fun after having sampled from your writing vein. But My Interviews are far from Cookie Cutter. I utilize Facebook's chat feature to talk to you, and cater my questions to you and your work, websites, stores, whatever you would like to showcase I work under EST in the USA, but have Clients from Australia, the UK and more, and am able to adjust to your particular Time Zone Needs. And I do it for FREE... Before Contacting me please read my Rules and Conditions found here: 131previewreview.blogspot.com/p/1-first-and-foremost-it-is-to-be.html


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