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J.D. (KENT FAULCON), is a lawyer trying to find the location of a serial killers last victim before he executed. 10 minutes before he is taken away to his execution, SAMUEL (GLENN PLUMMER) meets J.D. in a small prison room one last time. This is J.D. last chance to find out the location of his alleged last victim, JOANIE. Samuel tells J.D. that he will tell him the location if J.D. confesses his worst crime to Samuel. Reluctantly, J.D. offers that he cheated on his wife and several thousands in taxes. Samuel is mildly impressed, but he knows that J.D. has done far worst. As time ticks away, Samuel is defiant, and stands his ground. He wants to know J.D. crime. J.D. finally confesses that during a wild weekend in Mexico he was in a hit and run and left a Hispanic boy on the side of the road to die. The story satisfies Samuel but he confesses that he really doesn’t know the location of the body – he didn’t kill her. As the guard unshackles Samuel to take him away, J.D, becomes desperate. He knows that Samuel is the killer and shouts at him for the location. Samuel shouts back and wants J.D. to admit that he liked killing the boy. J.D. won’t admit it. After a heated exchange, J.D. confesses that he didn’t kill the boy. In Fact, he drove the boy to the hospital and have been friends ever since. Defeated, Samuel walks toward the door. As he is about to leave, he turns, and tells J.D. that the little girl is in a culvert outside of town.


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