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Everything you post with hashtag #YoungeHwoodBlst goes straight to press for our award-nominated publication, THE YOUNGE HOLLYWOOD BLAST on Paper.li.

Our publication champions the work of Emerging Entertainment Creators worldwide, and features trends in Independent and Digital Entertainment. We highlight new Film & Web Series creators, Actors, Crowdfunding, and much, much more.

So put the Blast to work for you! It's your resource for free Social Media PR!

Tweet to your latest news, even as it happens.
Include hashtag #YoungeHwoodBlst.
That's it!

You can share from our Twubs page (Twitter authorization or login required).

But wherever you tweet, include hashtag #YoungeHwoodBlst.

This is how to get your news SEEN by our audience!

You can submit everything from Photos, Videos, to Press Releases. Your news should be focused on emerging entertainment about, but not limited to:

- crowdfunding campaigns,
- web series,
- film festivals
- indie film,
- talent, including actors, directors, screenwriters.

Be sure to include a working URL link.

1.) Can I post my news more than once?

Yes, absolutely! That is the best way to use Twitter. While there is NO LIMIT to how many times you can tweet your news here each day, keep in mind the community nature of this publication. We encourage the "80-20" rule - meaning, try to retweet at least 4 other posts in the feed for every tweet you share. When you participate in this truly social way, it becomes an entirely FREE and authentic way to build your own network on Twitter daily! How cool is that?

2.) Won't this hashtag automation affect the quality of this publication?

Yes, it could. We know from experience creating other popular hashtags that spammers are drawn wherever there is a lot of activity. But never fear, there are strong robots - and YOU - in place to weed out spam, etc. That's why reporting features are active everywhere - so please use them to keep your community news looking tip-top!

3.) Can't I just submit to the publication via direct message and get featured in the headlines?

We did briefly offer a featured article service to our community in an attempt to help those who contact the Blast directly. But it just doesn't really fit with our motto:

"Take charge, and make quality media coverage for yourself!"

So, currently, featured article submissions are by invitation only. Thank you for your interest! Our publication is still growing, so please join our Facebook Group to participate in feedback and get first offers as we expand this space ( link below ).


Have other questions? Feedback?
Tweet them at @YoungeHwoodBlst for support.

Thank you for being part of our news-maker community!


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