You Can't Quit Now: How To Keep Going When You Really Feel Like Giving Up

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Are you tired of always starting incredible projects but never finishing them? Do obstacles and opposition force you to give up on your goals instead of fighting to finish them? Has quitting gone beyond just being an unproductive habit to becoming an unsatisfying lifestyle that has led you to feelings of anger, regret, resentment, jealousy and shame? Then You Cant Quit Now is your long awaited blueprint to living the best of your life for the rest of your life.

In this book, Tanya White masterfully guides you through a personal and spiritual 42-day journey of perseverance. This book offers the healing, thought-provoking insight and the motivation you have been craving so that you will finally finish any goal that you start pursuing. Tanya White serves as your personal perseverance trainer who will help you strengthen your mental, spiritual and emotional muscles. When you implement the strategies, you are sure to overcome the habit of quitting once and for all. By the end of this book, get ready to enjoy living the life you have been dreaming about. You Cant Quit Now gives you the secrets for breaking every chain that has you bound to the habit of quitting.

As you read and re-read this book that is filled with hope and insight, you are guaranteed to finally:

Stop allowing your past issues to become your present identity
Delete the R.E.P.E.A.T.S. that keep you stuck in the quitting rut
Understand why it is taking you longer than expected to reach your goals
Realize that enough is not enough especailly when God promised you that He wants you to have more than enough
Discover your Quitter Quotient which assesses your level of mental and emotional toughness to finish what you started
Overcome the desire to dwell on the failure of your past failures while pushing in the present towards a prosperous future

Tanya White offers real, relevant and refreshing wisdom on the essence of what determination, perseverance and dedication are all about. You Cant Quit Now is for anyone who wants to close the gap between just talking about wanting to achieve goals and actually taking the time to work to manifest those goals. Your life will never be the same after reading and completing the reflection exercises in this book. You will finally have the answers to the most important life question ever asked: How do I keep going when I really feel like giving up?


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