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Wildflour - The Real and Authentic German Bakery in Mumbai.
Our traditional recipes originate in the German countryside.
Our forte is a wide range of authentic German products such as cakes, cup cakes, cookies, treats as well as sweet and savory breads.
We also craft our products with a twist to suit the demands of the contemporary palette such as gluten-free, ketogenic, sugar free and eggless.
It is our endeavor to match and be in tune with our clients’ vision, ideas, needs and theme. We love to come up with bakes which are unique to the personality and meaning of our customers’ character.
We are not just any other bakery but The Real and Authentic German Bakery which adds to the global appeal of Mumbai.
Wildflour is a lifestyle and an art of authentic German baking that brings emotions such as happiness, bliss, euphoria, joy and love to name a few.
It is our promise that these emotions are the side effects of our products when consumed.


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