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Author Kelly Hoey talks about "Creating Virtual Water Cooler Moments" in her book Build Your Dream Network. And with that in mind, she's creating Virtual Water Cooler moments starting March 19 at 10:30 am over on Twitter using the hashtags #BYDN #VirtualWaterCooler to have topic-focused convos with people from her network ('cause yeah, if we're all hanging around the water cooler goofing off and being unproductive, someone will come up, ask us what we're doing and if we don't have a good explanation, then we'll feel the need to go back to our desks or sofas and resume doing whatever it was we were doing (or not doing) before 10:30 am). Find Kelly on Twitter @jkhoey and #BYDN #VirtualWaterCooler will be Monday-Friday just like the old days when we went to + kept regular office hours


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