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Stacey's Smiles firmly believes Charity to be a two way street and that we have as much to offer Businesses in return for their kind support. We believe we can help Councils, Communities, Businesses and even other charities in common interests and goals. We believe that it is absolutely key to build Partnerships where we can help other.. When we network with Business initially and directly the first thing that springs to their minds is the disposable cash in their pockets. Businesses are not like before, pockets are more shallow, priorities are different, charity begins at home for donations. Our Business slogan is Partners, not Pockets. It is not about the cash, it is about ; critical advice, opening doors, networking and promotion and creating a big Partner Support Network. In return, Staceys Smiles can fully promote Business via supporters, social media & events. Businesses can use Staceys Smiles as a key marketing, sales & PR opportunity. This approach has been really welcomed to date, turning charity on its head & a breath of fresh air are only two fantastic responses we have received. This approach is a win win for everyone ; good doors being opened, brilliant networking, excellent promotion for everyone, a stronger charity and great opportunities. This unique approach will increase that original donation fourfold.


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