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What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat or Tweet Chat is using Twitter to talk about a common interest with others during a preset time. It's like an online chatroom where you add to the discussion by tweeting.

How Do I Host a Chat?

Hosting a Twitter Chat is simple! Click here to schedule a chat for your hashtag; Then start spreading the word for your guests to arrive at the date and time you scheduled it for.

Why Use Twubs?

When you host Twitter Chats on Twubs, you and your community get the best chat experience on the web. Below are just a few reasons why we know once you use start using Twubs, you won't go anywhere else.

Instant Tweeting

Our Twitter Chats are built to feel more like a chat room to make it easier for everyone to follow the flow of the conversation. Best of all, by chatting through Twubs, tweets show up instantly on the chat feed. Don't wait, just chat.

Instant Tweets

Host Messages

When using Twubs to host a Twitter Chat, your tweets stand out so your guests can easily find them. As the host, set the theme, announce topics of discussion, and keep the chat on track. Chat moderators can feel assured their tweets don't get lost in the mix.

Host Tweets

When you schedule and hold your chats on Twubs, people can easily find them by exploring the best Twitter Chat calendar on the web. Chats going on right now show up at the top, so you may just find your attendance numbers going up with little effort on your end.

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Branding and Marketing

Hosting a Twitter Chat on Twubs gives you a chance to brand your page and market directly to your live audience. Promote your organization, upcoming events, and engage your fellows chatters in ways you can't anywhere else.

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