Making the Most of Pro Bono Tech Talent

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Join us for a Twitter Chat on Tuesday, March 15 from 10 to 11AM PST!

As donor expectations continue to increase, all nonprofits are confronted with new (and often expensive) challenges -- expectations of efficient operations, more transparent reporting, outcome measurement and better technology. At the same time, many donors are stipulating that their donations not be used for capacity building, and instead go directly to programming.

Pro Bono volunteer programs, which match the needs of nonprofit organizations with the skills of professionals, have emerged as an effective way for organizations to build capacity, enabling them to meet donor expectations and work effectively toward accomplishing your missions.

Hosted by NetSuite.org, Idealware and Taproot Foundation, this Twitter Chat brings together nonprofit leaders and pro bono program experts for a conversation on how nonprofit organizations can make the most of pro bono technical talent to meet their organization's needs -- from how to prepare for a pro bono project to where to look for talent.


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