A Brand & Business Alliance in Social Media created by @RockChristopher @NetVentures @_SuccessCenter_

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#SuccessTrain A Success Network primarily on Twitter Created by @NetVentures @RockChristopher & @_SuccessCenter_ to bring together people, brands and businesses locally and globally interested in achieving "Success" in Social Media Networking. The purpose is to connect leaders, brands and businesses to encourage each other to network and support each other's products and services.

#SuccessTRAIN shares Business and Personal Development interest and even business leads, new businesses,news, careers and ventures tagged with #SuccessTRAIN. When the members retweet each others post then they show support, get new followers, and retweets themselves. The first #SuccessTRAIN Monday on September 7th was a huge success reaching 21 countries and 32 Million People. See More Info here |> twitter.com/RockChristopher/status/641079251907776513

#SuccessTRAIN Is a every Monday event as well as an established community of twitter accounts. Anyone can be a part of our community by tagging or retweeting #SuccessTrain or you can also put #SuccessTRAIN in your profile if you have a Brand, Business, or Personal Development service or product.


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