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Here's just some of what you'll learn at the Strategy on a Page workshop:
The simple process I used to grow my business time and time again (this system has been responsible for literally 100�s of business�s growth)
How one of my clients tripled their number of clients within 3 months. You'll be able to copy these steps to define your offering and attract the clients YOU want to work with!
My *proven* formula for calculating your price points to ensure YOU end up in the profit and your clients get massive value
MAP your ideal customer journey to plan out exactly what you need in place at each stage to ensure a smooth transition and less headache at every stage of your business
How to create a back-end offer jam-packed with value so people will be desperate to buy (even if you don't like doing a 'hard sell')
Why using surveys for market research is the MOST VALUABLE TOOL in business � and most people don�t use it!
The 10 easiest ways to reduce your costs... and maximise your profits!
How to structure your coaching business to deliver MAXIMUM VALUE to your clients
Exactly how to ensure you are building the business to give you the lifestyle you want to live
The "sneaky trick" I�ve used to build up a super star team - using this for your recruitment strategy will ensure save you thousands!
Define your USP and company promise
The secret to making yourself stand out in the market place


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