Illegitimate Deputy Police Commissioner of Mt. Vernon Police Department

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Mayor Thomas has bamboozled the citizens of Mount Vernon. In order to have the 21st Century Policing Model, you must begin with the first step; Legitimacy, Transparency, and Accountability. How can you have Legitimacy, Transparency, and Accountability when you have a Deputy Police Commissioner like Joseph Spiezio who is not legitimate, who has no prior police experience? He is a professional garbage man. Now there is nothing wrong with being a garbage man; it’s a notable profession, but he has no place being in charge of Public Safety. His actions have only put the hard-working officers of MVPD and the community at risk, leaving the city with way too many lawsuits and judgments, and taxpayers footing the bill. The result is the many losses of life that we have seen under his command that he has failed to understand.


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