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Truly high-performing teams have one thing in common: Psychological Safety. It cultivates a working culture free from fear and ego. It means people can speak up, make mistakes, question things and raise concerns without humiliation or retribution. This creates a learning organisation – a place where teams are more than the sum of their parts and people go beyond their comfort zones to achieve success together.

Without this culture of safety, people worry they will seem ignorant, so they will not ask questions; they don’t want to look incompetent, so they won’t admit vulnerability or mistakes; they don’t want to seem intrusive, so they won’t offer ideas; and they don’t want to appear negative, so they won’t question the status quo. Yet, what kind of organisation does this create? One where creative ideas and high performance are stifled. When people feel they can be their true selves at work, they bring a different level of commitment and contribution.

Therefore, Psychological Safety is a clear set of ideas about how to create the right circumstances to succeed through various aspects of culture and structure within an organisation.


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