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I own multiple businesses, all art related. I am an artist, I host events, I own an art based newspaper. I am all about sharing information! Know together, Grow together! So, as I hand our bags of my business cards and fliers, and I don't want them thrown in the trash, and waste money and trees. 80% of business cards end up in the trash. I want to avoid this. I am urging artists to Pass The Bag to another artist at their next event. I go to events to hand out fliers for my events and the newspaper. I will take a selfie with the artist and the bag I gave them, with #passthebag, they take pictures with their phone of the business cards and fliers in the bag, add their own business card or event flier, and at their next event, pass the bag to another artist to share the information with them. They take a selfie with the person they passed the bag to, post it with #passthebag, and it goes on and on. I hope. I hate waste, and I own a paper bead jewelry business! Please don't waste paper! I hope this catches on. :)


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