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Pillar Five is a software as a service program, and it was developed over time using a combination of our pesonal experiences as a business consultant, business coach, student, business technology enthusiast, and passionate entrepreneurs. Like all of you, we have a vested intereset in everything we set out to achieve, not just for ourselves but for our family, local community and national economy.

"Our vision is to experience a world in which all business leaders and entrepreneurs are empowered to create sustainable organizations that postiviely impacts our national and global economy."

"Our mission is to create insightful and non-invasive software solutions that clearly define standards impacting the small business survival rate. We will offer interactive software solutions to provide business development processes tailored to enable organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and service providers with the ability to diagnose the current state of their company as well as the businesses they service. Our software solutions are designed to help businesses generating less than $250,000 annually, as it enables relationships, connections, and expert guidance in the Five Pillars of Sustainability."


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