Pacific Year for the Oceans 2017

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We need the participation of all groups and citizens, to increase awareness on the contribution of the Oceans to our livelihoods, the threats that they face and the steps that need to be taken to protect them. We ask every one in the pacific region to make a call with one collective pacific voice that my ocean matters.
The campaign theme is designed to inspire a campaign on two fronts, acting as rallying call for global and regional ocean advocates, while offering national programmes, community groups and individuals the opportunity to show how they will contribute towards this sustainable development related goal.

Pacific Islands health, wealth, history, culture and identity are intrinsically linked with the ocean. The biodiversity of our common ocean is a significant resource. Our sustainable development is inherently connected with the health of the oceans. Careful management of this essential global resource is key to a sustainable future. Pacific Islands Development Forum partners with regional and international organizations continues to encourage recognition of the value of our oceans and enhancing collaboration in achieving the SDG 14 targets.
But we cannot do it alone! We need everyone and anyone with similar passion for sustainable oceans.

Build a case for stronger action to advocate for oceans and why it matters. Before planning your activities you should assess local needs and identify the challenges that is needed to be addressed. This important step will help shape the type of events for Pacific Year for the Ocean by enabling planners to focus on the type of information that must be gathered; the target audience they want to focus on; the key behaviour they would like to influence; and how best to promote change.


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