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My name is Steve Nash and I am a Trustee for Stacey's Smiles - registration : 1164367. Stacey's Smiles was founded in 2015 when Warren and Samantha sadly lost their daughter, Stacey, to an epic battle with infancy Neuroblastoma Cancer. Warren and Samantha decided they wanted to create a very special legacy for Stacey. One thing they could never do with Stacey is create those very special memories - always down to lack of funding or time. Stacey's Smiles changes that, Stacey's Smiles organises, funds and delivers the special memories to families who have children diagnosed with cancer with sometimes only a two in ten chance of survival. This is a very special charity indeed. Warren and Samantha firstly meet the families of a child diagnosed with Cancer, they can look the family in the eye and say "I know what you are going through" and truly mean it. The next step is for Warren and Samantha to find out what would really make their child smile, what is their wish, what would really create a special memory. Warren and Samantha also try to find out what makes the parents & sibling smile, the whole family is included in the special memory. At this stage Warren and Samantha get to work to plan, prepare and deliver the special memory.

Stacey's Smiles also works hard to raise awareness of childhood infancy cancer Nueroblastoma. 100 UK children are diagnosed per annum. The more awareness the more we can do to bring further treatment to the UK.

All donations no matter how small are so special, they create special memories for families, you should be proud if you sponsor ;0)


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