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Little People Of The World Corporation® (LPOTW) the nonprofit organization that provides 100% free membership for life with assistance programs and information, and other set programs designed specifically for those with dwarfism of all types, as well those with short stature under 4'11. Little People of the World encourages all families even with average height parents to be included. Each life matters with dwarfism or short stature diagnosis, and it is our pleasure to serve you with each struggle, and amazing ideas that come from each person. As a worldwide organization, all countries matter too, providing the best support we can by bringing organizations together. We can help do so many great and wonderful things.

Little people of all sizes, all over the world are always seeking new ways to better improve their lives, meet other people like them and so much more. However, it can be a struggle for many little people to be able to afford or able to get places due to several difficult issues they may have. Our goal is to remove those problems and become a stronger more built and well-established community as one community the Little People of the World Organization®. Here at LPOTW you will never be judged based on your stature, your lifestyle choices, or what you do for a living. We are all different beyond just our dwarfism and we here at LPOTW respect that. Our members are like family. Working together to find better solutions to problems that have been around for so long and never taken care of.


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