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Life doesn't always go how we'd like. It can surprise us, shock us, pull the rug out from under us, and leave us wondering how we ended up so far from the life we knew or expected. Life certainly took me by surprise when two weeks before my senior prom I developed a blood clot. Overnight, I went from a teenaged theatre geek to a surgical disaster. I woke up from a coma months later to find out my stomach had exploded, I couldn't eat or drink, and it wasn't known when or if I'd ever be able to again. 27 surgeries and six years without food or drink later, I can proudly say that every little twist and turn has made me who I am today. #loveyourdetour is all about celebrating the detours in life and making them the most beautiful opportunities to see the sights and learn the lessons about ourselves we would have never experienced Detours make life an adventure. So now it's time to #love yours. Join the movement at amyoes.com!


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