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"Life In Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender Based Violence" is a registered charity in Barbados, founded to tackle the rape culture and gender-based violence in the Caribbean region.

The movement began with a hashtag that was created as a safe space for women who had experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault. Women, encouraged by solidarity, were empowered to speak out on their social media platforms about their experiences. This hashtag went viral - making an appearance in countries all around the globe. However, it particularly championed the experiences of women and girls throughout the Caribbean region and its Diaspora as this was the community it originated from and the community it wanted to challenge.

#LifeInLeggings was purposely coined to dispel the myth that only certain types of woman are harassed and are deserving of their assault/abuse because of the way they are dressed. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

The success of the hashtag provided documentation of all varieties of gender violence against women in the Caribbean. It showed the need for an organisation which championed equal rights yet understood the socio-economic complexities of the differing Caribbean countries in order to create a lasting impact. It also highlighted that the message of equality needed to be presented in a way that was both accessible and flexible, with a structure enabling independence and support and a method that could be applied to other countries.

As a charity Life In Leggings is specifically designed to promote advocacy and create awareness of gender-based violence towards women and girls in the Caribbean region. It does this by offering services that can support and encourage a multitude of diverse community development projects, such as:

�¢�¦ï¿½ Community arts projects
�¢�¦ï¿½ Networking projects for survivors and assistance in seeking justice
�¢�¦ï¿½ Community safety projects
�¢�¦ï¿½ Solidarity marches/ events
�¢�¦ï¿½ Awareness raising conferences
�¢�¦ï¿½ Awareness raising images for public (PSAs)
�¢�¦ï¿½ Safety hotline
�¢�¦ï¿½ Safety outreach and housing projects
�¢�¦ï¿½ Sensitivity training and workshops in schools and the work force.
�¢�¦ï¿½ Maintaining a sustained presence in electronic and print media in order to disseminate key messages and positions on local, regional and international gender issues.
�¢�¦ï¿½ Developing strategic partnerships with local, regional and international organisations that have similar goals.

Despite its youth as an organisation the executive team of Life In Leggings is dedicated to tackling the culture of gender based violence and sexual assault in Barbados as evidenced by their commitment to continue education through gender training. It is a cohesive team with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise from mental health to the arts and a strong belief in effective communication, innovation and projects that are inclusive of all members of society.

The executive team managed the viral explosion of the campaign across the world while staying grounded and focused on long term goals, organizing ourselves into a physical charity with a partnership with one of the foremost women�¢ï¿½ï¿½s rights organisations, UN Women, in just a few weeks.


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