Be Brave Campaign

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The #bebrave movement began with a very personal
mission to encourage others to talk about mental health
and live an empowering life.
As a passionate NRL fan I was motivated to create a
larger than life character named Brave Dog. Inspired by
the legendary 13th century Scottish hero William
Wallacein the film Brave Heart, Brave Dog has quickly
become an iconic fan who celebrates positive mental
health, mind-sets and well-being on game day, at
special events and on social media.
Be brave to talk to someone, be brave to stand up for
what you believe in, be brave to rise above school
bullying, be brave to stand against domestic violence...
The #bebrave movement targets the wider NRL
community through fan engagement. Its purpose is
simple - to start the conversation.
Face painting will be available for both teams.
This is a symbol which unites the community to the one
cause - to be brave.


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