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JRA_X2E is me Jeremiah Reed Anderson Enterprizes LLC the parent company to any & all of my ideas, brands, labels, copywrites, products, services, logos or trademarks or non-profit, books, or any concepts or forms of public or private collaborations podcasts that may or may not earn any form of compansation donations or word of mouth, publications here in. All rights reserved to but not limited to JRA_X2E_LLC as is such. This is not in anyway a contract of sorts, but is indeed a public record of the existence, of a suggested global entrepreneurship/company trying to do nothing more than better his self by indeed providing education/services/products to either local, national, or global prospects in demand or necessity for whatever JRA_X2E_LLC. may or may not be requested for at said time of services or products. Jeremiah Reed Anderson is solo managing member of JRA-X2E-LLC. & is only representing the name of said services, or products or concepts or ideas that (JRA-X2E) may or may not provide publicly or privately where in asked or requested of. He is hereby holds no liability for any type of suits that possibly may or may not ever transpire because of any or all events, services, products, events, fundraisers, gifts, charities, books, techniques or any other form of assistance to any said consumer, paying or non paying entity that may or may not ask request or demand services here in. Furthermore JRA-X2E is the brand or logo to recognize Jeremiah Reed Anderson many talents, skill set, ideas, concepts whether profitable or not to be readily or easily noticed or recognized as such in private or public eye. Any & all forms of currency here in is only ever recieved as such is either to enrich the lives of those in said community whether locally nationally or globally to ensure any & every contact made thus far is to be whether directly or indirectly positively impacted irrelevent of services etc. provided. The company as a whole sole purpose is to benefit from enriching lives & positively impacting those who interact or partake or participate or learn through education whether it is through written, spoken, seen, heard or acted through body language or physical motions or contact to again only help or aid enrich or positivley impact those said consumers or customers in demand of "JRA-X2E" may or may not provide. Furthermore in doing so by constitutional entitlement & rights civil or anyother forms that may or may not be related to our constitution or declaration of independence may indeed thrive grow & manafest to build by what ever positive honest law abiding means to thrive & grow the possibilities & quality of products services etc. provided but may as well enjoy that in which our country & declaration & constitution of these indeed "free" fifty of our united states of America truly stand for or represent said co. of "JRA-X2E" & any & all connections ideas concepts etc. found to branding any form of similarity by brand logo trademark copywrite or any & all of other similar form of title names etc. as see fit & must have direct concent from "JRA-X2E-LLC." any type of representation not found not to have consent is prohibited. Some examples of partner brands #hastags, logos, copywritings, techniques, novels, names titles, domains, websites landing pages ideas concepts etc. are expressed & approved by "JRA-X2E" are as follows #beinspyrd, #LnL, #pairof5z, [KOCK-BLOCK], #kockblock, ydafuqnot.com, imjstsayin, tahoemiah, miahkai, miahkai01, miahzempire, miahz, MiAHz, mihredarson, JRA, J, Ciera, J Reed, J-Mey, Me&MyHomie, My Homie & Me, JRA_X2E_LLC., JRA-X2E, JRA-X2E-LLC., #jra-x2e, #jra_x2e_llc., #jra-x2e-llc., Froggystyle, MiAHZiTE, MiAHZ, Fahqndazz, Dafuqzup?, etc. jranderson, jraenterprizes, jraenterprises "0-60" "Speedboat(ing)" etc.


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