Youth Empowerment and School Reform -- Stop downplaying sexual assault on young girls

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My name is Kaylah Borden and I am turning 13 in May. I created this hashtag because of the situation that I’m in. I was touched inappropriately by a boy in my class. I talked to the school and they didn’t handle the situation properly. The administration of my school brushed the situation off, and acted like it didn’t happen, even though they say they’re taking it seriously. Their actions are the opposite. They lied to my mom and said that I would talk to that boy, and try to “fix” the problem. All my family and I wanted was for him to be removed from the class. But the admin didn’t do that. About 5 days later, the principal called my dad and said that the situation was apparently “resolved”, with me not even being at school. It almost feels worse that the school isn’t handling it properly, than it actually happening to me. It makes me feel like I don’t matter. I feel like this happens a lot with young kids my age, where they tell someone about sexual assault and they play it off like it doesn’t matter or its normal, and they go their whole life thinking it’s ok for people to hurt them. Well, it’s not, victims should stand up for themselves and get justice, not live with eternal pain of what happened to them.

I have missed not only school, but I really miss my friends and I’m lonely. I have also missed the clubs I have joined too. Such as, Culinary Club, Dance Team, Girls Club, Green Gators, and Debate Club. I’ve also been looking forward to the Valentine’s Day dance that is next week for an entire year. I expected more from the adults around me, especially at school.


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