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Hybrid publishing in Fundraising Training & Voluntary Sector Governance, Organisational & ePublishing Material Series of publications are available in .pdf, eBook, iBooks (.iba), .rtf, Sony .lrf, Palm Doc .pdb, Amazon/Kindle .mobi - (Kindle Format 8 ), FB2, DjVu, and print (+ POD). Other supporting material in PowerPoint Presentations are also available on request for interactive training please e-mail us for more information.

The fundraising training material series provides a guide and reference to techniques, things to consider, and contacts with url links for new, small, and emerging groups/organisations in the charity sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the statutory, corporate, and charitable trusts/foundations sectors.

An additional separate VS governance & organisational material series also exists to support organisations, (particularly, new, small, and emerging groups), with their polices, procedures to develop 'best practice in striving to deliver effective services.


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