Homemade Adventurer

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Who are we? We are a state of mind, an idea, a story. We chase wonder, excitement, new ideas, adventure and, most importantly, we learn to laugh at ourselves along the way. We embrace the different, pursue personal growth and come to learn that the things that change the way you see the world usually come from the most unlikely sources. We are that drunken night in Bangkok, we are falling in love with a sherpa in Nepal, we are being chased by an emu in Australia, we are discussing the meaning of life with a small town chemist in Egypt. We are everyone who has ever stepped out their front door with a passport in their hand and an excited glint in their eye. We are not perfect. We are the chaotic quilt of a lifetime of crazy, hilarious, happy, sad, romantic, tragic and wondrous experiences. We are homemade adventurers.


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