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Why Harold is Americaâ's Top Barber of Choice
�Harold delivers celebrity service without the celebrity price.�

Harold has a proven track record of his skill-set with more than 20 years of industry experience, and a passion for going above and beyond the call of service. Harold has been established as a pre-eminent celebrity barber, traveling barbering specialist and respected industry leader.

Harold�s work has been featured on the Bravo television network and in numerous magazines, including Upscale, Ebony, and In-House. Harold remains highly visible on social media. His specialties include a courtesy hair analysis. Harold�s highly requested service is the hot towel shave that relaxes and opens the pores to soften hair follicles to receive a relaxed shave, his signature razor cut, and techniques he utilizes to build a healthy scalp.

Harold is in the business of establishing new trends for men personally and professionally. Harold�s motto is, �I would rather take less off than more� Through the years Harold has had the privilege of servicing thousands of men, therefore obtaining a clear insight into the number one concern for his clients � causing them to walk out with a haircut better than they visualized.

Haroldâ's customer service skills are a cut above the rest.


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