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Girl Power Pre-Tour Benefit Concert Featuring Zaina Juliette & Z-Funk Tribe, Free Admittance

This Pre-Tour Concert that is dedicated to Mothers and Daughters. The first show will be held in Las Vegas, NV at the Cashman Center Theater located at 850 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Red Carpet is 4-6 PM,
Showtime is at 7:00 PM
iHeart Radio 103.9, and 88.1 will be there live hosting.

The general admission is free to the public. There is a exclusive guest Meet and Greet pass that can be purchased at a small price by emailing PhantomRecordsInfo@gmail.com. There will be many Record Executives, Radio, Media, Press and local News Coverage. This is a Red Carpet Event, there will be many Celebrities and some great opening acts.

The music is a mixture of Rock, Funk, Soul & Pop.

Put your name on the guest list and you can bring your guest as well. Go to
www.zainajuliette.com/ to sign guest list.

Local / International Artist Zaina Juliette with her new international song release Warrior,start her Benefit Concert entitled Girl Power Tour.

Artist Zaina Juliette With Her New Song Release Warrior, Start Her Benefit Concert Entitled The Girl Power Tour.

"It's all about Girl Power! It's all about the empowerment of Females! It's about positive change in our world. This is a new movement" Says Zaina Juliette who know the struggle of being an female in a male dominant music industry.

The press is buzzing that Recording Artist Zaina Juliette is one of the most incredible performers of today, in the realm of Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Prince. Zaina's new song release “Warrior” is being called a female Anthem. Warrior is not just a hot song that inspired women of all ages, but is a movement.

Warriors, The Girl Power Tour is a tour that will send a message to all females to be strong and not allow themselves to be disrespected, that young girls and women can achieve their dreams with dignity and help bring peace and unity to the world. Zaina said it well to the press..”You do not have to sell your Soul to reach your Goals.” The girl power tour is all about Empowerment of women.

This show is high energy show with positives messages to women, uplifting music that speak of the struggle and success of women and words of encouragement.

This Girl Power Tour will be coming to other Cities within the USA with plans of taking it International.
#GirlPowerTour, #WhereAreMyWarriors, #RockYoGirlPower, #ZainaJuliette, #WarriorsItsAGirlPowerThang

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This Concert "Zaina Juliette and her Warriors" will be collecting goods for The Las Vegas Rescue Mission!
We ask that our guest bring in goods to donate to the Rescue Mission. There will be a truck there, our goal is to fill the truck.

This is not required and entirely up to you...
Here is a list of items you can donate if possible:
Healthcare Over the Counter

Allergy Meds
Anti-fungal Creams
Cough & Cold Meds (no alcohol)
Hydrocortisone Creams
Medicated Powders
Saline Nasal Spray


Air Fresheners
Cleaning Supplies (409, Windex, etc.)
Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
Dish & Laundry Detergents
Disinfectant Cleaners
Disposable Cups & Plates
Paper Napkins & Towels
Trash Bags (large)
Interior/Exterior Brooms

Infants Items

Baby Wipes
Baby Formula
Disposable Diapers (sizes 4-5)

Personal Hygiene

Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream
Toilet Tissue

Special Needs

Canned Foods

Price: Free

Artist Zaina Juliette/Phantom Records Just released a hot new single "Warrior" that is all about Girl Power. Warrior also represent a Girl Power Movement that is all about positive change in our world and empowerment of females.


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