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Expectation Therapy is a catalyst for change. Starting with the individual and progressing into changing the world and how it views expectations: What if you could revolutionize your life from the top to the bottom by altering your mindset in just one way? There is an answer to that question and it's quite simple: mastering your expectations. Through improved understanding of expectations and their bearing on every facet of our life, you can expect: Increased creativity and productivity Boosted confidence, Improved social interaction , Ability to steer the course of your future! As explained in my book, Expectation Therapy, expectations are more than just a word, they are a framework for living. When you operate through faith and not fear, you create higher expectations and create self-fulfilling prophesies for the life you have always wanted. It's simple, but life changing! Expectation Therapy is a launch pad for a new creative way of thinking and using expectations, which will alter the way we interact with employers, employees, family members, and friends. This process can catapult change in any person or culture. After years of observing human behavior and understanding how and what creates change in people, I soon realized in order to effect change we have to address the core issue that is the impetus for resistance. Expectations are the core issue; they are the center for all actions we take. Think about it for yourself, no matter what action you take be it positive or negative, you have an expectation for a the result. It is what drives our creative thought processes, the view's we have of the world and ourselves as we live in it. It is what makes us human; the process of expectation separates us from all other creatures. How we approach and process our expectations are key to improved life skills and the path to living a life of self-fulfillment and joy. How and what our perspectives are filled with come from the core expectations that we develop throughout our lifetime. How we react to the expectations perceived is in direct correlation to how we fulfill those expectations. This is a call to action to start improving your own expectations to create the change we all want to see in our world and ourselves. Today's blog post starts the beginning of a series of posts leading up to the release of my book, which will be May 27, 2014. I hope this will help you to understand the power and importance of expectations.


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