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My name is Carline Beaubrun, I am an event designer and the founder of Event Pros Let's Talk!, a place to find not only amazing design principles and techniques, but encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey in the event industry.

As the Founder and Host Of Event Pros Let's Talk! I have implemented the Net-Learning concept which encompass a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and information, and communicating in such a way so as to support one another's learning.education and growth, in addition to networking. On Event Pros Let's Talk!, it is truly my greatest heart's desire to share knowledge and help others find encouragement and fulfillment on their journey in the event industry, an industry I am very passionate about. I strongly believe we can all learn from each other.

So, whether you're just starting out, or you're already established and just looking for new ideas, I will share with you ideas and techniques from my personal experience of the event design world, how to get into the event industry as a planner or designer, the challenges you may face, starting your own event business and how you can define your own personal level of success in this industry.

You will also meet some top industry professionals who will share with you their industry knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade and horror stories to learn from. Event Pros Let's Talk! is created to inspire, guide, and elevate you while enjoying the journey of being an event industry professional!


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