Einstein's Compass: a Novel of What If?

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What if Einstein Met Spiritual Beings?
The story captures Albert Einsteins life from age six when he receives a compass that literally changes his life, through the next twenty years when he discovers his miracle theory. Albert discovers his compass is supernatural.
A struggle of darkness and light ensues when Albert's evil twin brother from Atlantis covets the compass for his own nefarious plans. Albert embarks on a hero's journey through lifes obstacles and challenges to find his heart and let his loving lead him to discover that the kingdom of heaven is indeed within. He learns how his mind can expand through thought experiments. His soul lifts up and travels in spirit form where he meets time travelers that take him back to Atlantis. The island nation of centuries past has technology of Spacetime. Here is where Albert finds himself learning from himself as an Atlantean and faces his evil twin in a battle for the supernatural power of light and energy of planet Earth.


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