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Hello Everyone,
Join Dr. Afshan Hashmi's online Book Club for an : Innovative, Inspiring, and Intellectual Journey ! The book club is called" Dr Afshan Hashmi's Glam and Glitzy book club"
and here is the link where book club is hosted:
On my website see book club page;
Go to my book club page and you will see embedded videos.
This book club is also known as Afshan's Stylish and Glam Reading Corner. I will discuss a book via Web Conferencing and then share it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We will meet online via web conferencing and the sessions will be recorded. After that it will be shared on all my social media. If you want your book to be included in it there is a charge of $100 as lot of time and energy is involved. Also an alternative to this is if you want your book to be included you have to be my patron on my Patreon page. I only take business, political, suspense and mystery books and science fiction.
Link to my Patreon Page:
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