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Join Dr. Afshan Hashmi's online Book Club for an : Innovative,Inspiring, and Intellectual Journey

This book club is also known as Afshan's Stylish and Glam Reading Corner. I will discuss a book via Goodreads,Web Conferencing through anymeeting, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , Google Plus & Podomatic podcast. We will meet online via anymeeting Web Conferencing once a month.

Dr. Afshan Hashmi will be discussing books which has some connection to India. So this book club has a niche of discussing books which has India as the common theme in a unique stylish and glam way.The books discussed in this book club will have either Indian authors or books about India or books of authors who have either business or personal connections with India.

There will be two kind of ways this book club will work and in every book club meeting Dr. Afshan Hashmi will choose any one of the format:

I will be the only speaker who will be speaking in the online book club about the book and put the questions on Goodreads forum for viewers of my video to discuss and interact with me as well as with others who have answered these questions and have a very stimulating discussion.

The second way it will work is that everyone reads the same book before coming to the book club session or should have some information about the book and then discuss the book in an informal discussion mode. I will put up some questions to the group related to the book in discussion and then group can discuss those questions . It will totally be an interactive session. Some experts are also invited to through light on the questions. One person will get to speak at a time. If everybody doesnot get a chance and if the group wants then a Followup session of the same book will be organized at a later date.

So come and join this book club in great numbers to have a very intellectual discussion in a stylish and glam way. So gearup friends for a very stimulating discussion!!!!

Also Dr. Afshan Hashmi will interview authors online via Web conferencing around the globe and the only criteria is if you are interested you have to be an author with good work. The interview will be recorded and shared on various social media platforms mentioned above.


  • @afshanhashmi Afshan Hashmi
    A successful regulatory, business development and scientific professional.Interests:Books,Writing,Pharma, Biotech , Networking,Biochem, Business, Cinema&Fashion


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