Devoxx4kids South Atlanta

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From: www.devoxx4kids.org/usa/

Devoxx4Kids USA is a non-profit and 501(c)(3) registered organization. Our goal is to get kids excited about technology with the hope that many of them will become producers of technology in future. We conduct variety of hands-on workshops where children build computer games, program robots, build circuits, program microcontrollers etc. and have fun. We want them to experience and then explore technology.

We offer a variety of workshops from Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, Minecraft modding, LEGO, Scratch and much more. These fun workshops are very entertaining, enriching, and inspirational for kids. Devoxx4kids South Atlanta is to share the story of the movement in this area.


  • @jellerlearning Jeff Eller
    Media Specialist, Spring Hill Elementary, Father of three & husband of one, Christian (John 3:16, Romans 5:8), Avid biker, runner, backpacker, tree climber.


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