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Assisting people to find their personal pursuit to happiness peace in all aspects of their life with mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis and life coaching. My goal is to help others eliminate suffering and assist them with meeting and exceed their personal goals and live the life they have always craved.
We will evaluate health, intellectual life, emotions, character, spirituality, love, parents, social, finance, career, quality of life and life vision.
When I first started on my personal journey to get physically healthy, I would be successful until life would happen and I will stop everything I had learned, gain weight again and had to start over from scratch. Then I learned that while I was taking care of my external self, my internal self was crying to be healed as well. I got in touch with my internal spirituality and decided to start writing down what worked for me. Soon, I began to develop my own personal plan on healing from the in and out


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