Courage to Live from Inside Out

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I always say "be fabulous" "just do it"....Easier said than done...right?

What I found by sharing my story, hitting rock bottom (fired from a family biz after 26 years happily divorced 14 years) and peeling away my armour to come back more alive, in alignment with my inner feelings, joyful, happy and on fire....it takes insane courage to be the real YOU!

Live full out - embrace yourself and love the person you are now - even if that means going cold turkey to detach from others, past conditioning and be able to do it with love.

CourageCafe ignites the fire inside of us to talk about having courage to live from the inside out. Health, career, relationship, family, friends, addiction, leadership, spirituality, networking, forgiveness, beauty, coaching, self awareness and divine abundance of self.

Juicy topics and fabulous co hosts - join us Wednesday 8-9pm EST #couragecafe XO denise


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