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The Handpicked Company (http://HandpickedCompany.com) is an emerging medical cannabis flower and derivatives provider that is redefining what it means to be a clean cannabis brand and a clean cannabis consumer.

Do you know what you're consuming? 77% of cannabis in the market right now is tainted with mold, fungus, and cancer causing chemicals.

The Handpicked mission is to hold cannabis to a higher standard and deliver safe, contaminant-free products.
Together with 3 independent testing labs, they're putting out a clear call to action to brands in the industry to follow their lead by operating at the highest standards on the farm, during manufacturing and in the lab.

If you want to hold brands accountable and help us raise awareness of the dangers of not knowing what's in your cannabis, join us right now on our Instagram channel.

Be a part of the clean cannabis movement. It's time we all work together to raise the bar and Choose Clean(SM)


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